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Kinect Sports

Setting world records all its own as one of the launch titles for Microsoft's Kinect add-on for the Xbox 360, Kinect Sports serves up a plethora of sporting events that will have you awakening your inner-athlete to best your own scores and take on all challengers! The court is yours from Football, Bowling, Track and Field, Table tennis, Boxing and Beach Volleyball, all of which are available to play solo, with friends or heated online competition. Take a breather with a range of frenzied mini-game events found inside Party Play to divide the teams. Monitor your progress as you rise through the ranks, earning achievements and unlocking special avatar accessories, all from the comfort of your living room. With Kinect Sports you are the champion, and you are the controller! Kinect Sports Team: Game Design - George Andreas, Doru Apreotessei, Jonathan Burroughs, Paul Collins, Shelley Hodgekins, Gregg Mayles, Luke Munton, Andrew Munton, Shaun Read, Gary Richards, Travis Ryan, Jennifer Schneidereit Art & Graphics - Ed Bryan, David Buttress, Simon Cheung, Jose Fernandez Castro, Ryan Firchau, Gav Flint, Neill Harrison, Steve Hurst, Andrew James, Vincent Low, Steve Mayles, Matt Perry, Dean Smith, Bryan Smyth, Damien Sparkes, Ryan Stevenson, Dean Wilson, Chris Woods, Andrew Burt, David Clifford, Ellen Holland, Jon Mummery, Richie Prado, Roberto Raio, Louise Ridgeway, Gary Talbot Software - James Ackroyd, Dave Allmond, Ian Bolton, Pete Campbell, Simon Craddick, Andrew Fenwick, Simon Gerges, Brendan Gunn, Arturo Gutierrez Lopez, Dave Herod, Matthew Hill, Tom Hill, Steven Horsburgh, Ben Hymers, Damiano Iannetto, Matt Kemp, Mark Lucas, Rob Masella, Neal Mitchell, Robin Moore, Paul Mountain, Franklim M Nobrega De Sousa, David Pashute, John Pegg, Thang Phung Dinh, David Quinn, Scott Sims, Nilles Sonnemans, Matthew South, David Thomas, Phil Tossel, Richard Watson, Ben Wilson Music & Sound Effects - Robin Beanland, Dave Clynick, Jamie Hughes, Martin Penny, Shawn Pile Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, David Wong, Riko Agarie, Ryo Agarie, Chris Allcock, Phil Baker, Nicola Bhalerao, Simon Bratel, William Bryan, Gareth Cook, Peter Cox Production - Rich Cousins, Harry Robinson, Chris Sutherland, Steven Brand, Nick Burton, Leigh Loveday, Ben Talbot, Mike Wilson