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Kameo: Elements of Power

After a great struggle between the Elfin Empire and the brutish Troll Army, the Elfin Queen Theena imparts the fabled Elements of Power to her youngest daughter, Kameo, which allows her to assume the form of several Elemental warriors and utilize their unique abilities. Not seen celebrating is Kameo's older sister, Kalus, who in a fit of jealously sees her way to releasing the previously cursed King Troll, Thorn, from his binds wherein chaos ensues. Still possessing the Elements of Power, Kameo will have to use her varying forms to ramp across spanning chasms, scale straight up crumbling castle walls and shower the ruthless Troll Army in a steady stream of fire, water, ice and rocks to restore order to the Elfin Empire. In a fairytale of revenge, rivalry and redemption, Kameo: Elements of Power sets the shape shifting Femme Fatal up an ever-changing adventure with a cast of unforgettable characters, awe-inspiring landscapes, and powerful magic at her command.