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Following the acclaimed success of their Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Rare set their sights on a rather ambitious project called Dream, which followed the adventures of a boy named Edson who is unexpectedly thrown into adventure when his girlfriend, Madeline is captured by a group of pirates lead by the nefarious Captain Blackeye. The sea-faring epic allowed players to explore shanty towns, battle with trolls and ogres and take to the high seas. After its ambitious scope outgrew the Super Nintendo as well as the Nintendo 64, Dream was eventually evaluated and reworked as Banjo-Kazooie.
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    Music As we've explained before in our comprehensive Beta Guide, Banjo-Kazooie went through a lot of interesting changes before it wound up looking and even sounding like the classic adventure that stands before us today. Before we could even begin collecting large golden jigsaw pieces or stuffing birds unorthodoxly into backpacks, Rare was hard at work […]
  • Rare Gamer Interviews Grant Kirkhope (Dream Discussion Excerpt)
    Interviews Please Note: The following snippets of information regarding Dream have been taken from a larger interview with Grant Kirkhope conducted by Rare Gamer found here. All relevant Dream discussion has been preserved here within its own posting for easier accessibility. Rare Gamer: Today it is my distinct honor to introduce a very well-known face at […]
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  • Rare Revealed: A Rare Look at Dream