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Donkey Kong Racing

Originally announced at E3 2002 and planned for release on the GameCube, Donkey Kong Racing acted the sequel for Rare's previously released Diddy Kong Racing. This iteration would have been more faithful to the original Donkey Kong Country series, with Planes, Cars and Hovercrafts forgone to make way for familiar animal buddies like Rambi, Espresso, Enguarde and Ellie. While Taj had managed to secure a place on the roster, other racers were strictly canon with Donkey Kong Country which meant the likes of Banjo and Conker would be missing from this outing.
  • Donkey Kong Racing Rare Retrospective
    Previews Weren't expecting this one, were you? Roll up and experience all your favourite Kongs in some real in-your-face jungle racing action. The course of the game sees you careering through gorgeous landscapes in an effort to catch a ride, then refining your ever-expanding stable of steeds into real thoroughbreds by feeding them fruit and tempting […]