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What’s the Deal with Bomberman?

Look at this guy. bomberman That's Bomberman. Created in 1983 for a self-titled tower-escape strategy game on the PC and later on the NES, Bomberman games involve the placement of bombs to destroy blocks, earn power-ups, and escape dungeons. Sort of a reverse Legend of Zelda. In later installments, you're able to produce different kind of bombs that you use to solve puzzles and advance through worlds. All in all, it's pretty typical Japanese video game fare. Not that I'm complaining. I'm a big fan of Bomberman 64 as well as the original. Even the unorthodox Bomberman Hero holds a place in my heart. And I know I'm not the only one. While there isn't exactly an Operation Rainfall-tier campaign for a Bomberman revival, think of how many fantasy Super Smash Bros. rosters have included the White Bomber. The fact is that Bomberman is a recognizable figure in gaming. Game hobbyists know his face. They know what he does. His design and abilities are recognizable enough. Why isn't Bomberman more popular? Think about it. With the influx of casual/non-die-hard gamers since the introduction of the Nintendo Wii and the dawn of mobile and browser-based gaming, you'd think that a simple, top-down strategy game would fit right in among your Angry Birds, your Clash of Clans, and your FarmVilles. Some of the most profitable software out on the market doesn't find its home on dedicated gaming machines. Everyone has smart phones and browsers. There's a gigantic market for family-friendly, colorful puzzle games that don't require a lot of skill. Plus there's no guns or swords in Bomberman. The market is just right for a series of casual-focused Bomberman games! Why aren't Konami taking advantage? Now I'm not necessarily advocating the sort of cheap and sleazy mobile/browser gaming seen in something like Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile. I mean and honest to goodness Bomberman that doesn't cheat, lie, or embarrass itself. There's still plenty of room in this industry for legitimate business. They could make this work. Listen up, Konami/Hudson. Make some fun, vibrant sprites. Add tons of upgrades and bomb types. Invent new roaming enemies. Catchy tunes. Then include the awesome bomb dodging mini game that's in almost every console Bomberman. Those rock. And then toss a complete version onto the PS Vita and 3DS. Bam. Done. The peculiar state that modern gaming is in may be just the right soil that Konami can use to grow a new Bomberman franchise. People just eat up this forgiving, unchallenging casual puzzle platformers whether they're waiting for a train with their iPhone handy or developing online prostrats with other diehards. Believe it or not, there is a way to attract new audiences while also maintaining the confidence of more dedicated fans. If Marvel can do this with all their super hero properties, why can't Japan do it with Bomberman? Do you think a Bomberman reboot better than Bomberman Act Zero could survive in a market like this? Where do you find the balance between microtransactions and honest gaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Or start a discussion in the Rare Gamer forums!

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  1. You’re in luck Piyoz, Konami put out a Bomberman mobile game just earlier this month!


    It seems they took the “casual-focused” approach VERY seriously.