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Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day in Rare Replay

Avast ye salty dogs, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, an' with Sea of Thieves's on thar horizon, it be a fine occasion ta be spoutin' all manner o' nautical nonsense in celebration! Since it be a bit difficult ta get yer hands on Rare's booty (as they be workin' on it), our cutlass crew be scourin' Rare Replay high an' low fer any sign o' pirates, poop decks an' pieces of eight! Ta honor "Talk Like A Pirate Day" proper, we be castin' off our modern vernacular fer a chance ta run ye through thar most worthy o' the holiday. Thar she blows! These be the Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day in Rare Replay!
Ghoulhaven Hall be filled ta thar brim with all manner o' Ghoulies that have shifted from thar mortal coil, though the most rambuncous o' the lot be the Zombie Pirates, led by an ill-tempered Captain thar refuses ta be laid ta rest. If ye got the guts ta do the job, ye can find the Zombie Pirates battenin' down thar hatches in the Dining Hall where ye can start a food fight if ye be so inclined. Treasure chests will be given the heave-ho an' cutlasses will be ready ta blow the man down, but if ye keep yer wits ye should manage ta cut the undead crew down ta size. Ye can even cause a mutiny in Grabbed by the Ghoulies if ye seeks out the Captain at the head of the table ta turn his own Skeleton crew against him! It be enough high-seas antics fer any old salt, an' these dogs will fight ta thar deaths twice over...
Jolly Roger's Lagoon be presentin' itself as a cozy bit o' cove in Banjo-Tooie with all thar proper ammenities fer any self-respectin' buccaneer. Explore the depths o' Atlantis ta discover Davy Jones Locker where yer surely be diggin' yerself a watery grave, or scuttle along the shore ta plunder the doubloons hidden in the sand. If ye can plunder enough booty ye be havin' enough fer a room fer rent at Jolly's Tavern Inn where ye be meetin' the fierce freebooter Captain Blackeye himself! The old seadog ain't be much fer conversation an' comes smartly with a black spot fer poor Banjo, but his blight o' seasickness be leavin' him bilged on his anchor. Entrustin' ye with his last doubloons ta fetch a glass o' water, Captain Blackeye's 'Dreams' be cut short when ye plunder his loot ta never return! Ye be like a pirate, Banjo!
If ye be wantin' ta talk like a pirate, ye be needin' ta dress like one proper, matey. Ye can strike yer sails in Kameo: Elements of Power where ta ninth Masquerade outfit be transformin' the shape-shiftin' scallywag from a landlubber ta scourge o' the Seven Seas! Wear ye eyepatch proud as ye step ta Mountain Falls, where a bounty o' booty be waitin' along the shoreline. Take no quarter as ye claim the treasure chests with yer pirate looks above or plunder down under as ye swim with the fishes, dredgin' up lost pearls found in thar deepest of depths! Thar biggest swag be waitin' fer the takin' in Treasure Cave, hidden by cryptic clues an' formidable foes. If ye can come about with yer sea legs as ye have with yer transformation prowess, ye might just have what it takes ter loot all o' Treasure Cave without walkin' thar plank.
A marooned salty hippo, a hunt fer buried treasure an' enough golden pieces ta fill a backpack, Treasure Trove Cove in Banjo-Kazooie is as inticin' as its name suggests. Yer quest fer booty begins with Captain Blubber, who has scuttled his ship ashore an' shivered his timbers. This landlubber can barely swim, so it be up ta Banjo ta stop Blubber from hangin' the jib; his gold be in the brig, an' if ye can salvage both pieces he'll reward you smartly with some gold of yer own. Haul wind from the crows nest an' explore the beach from above, ye can even begin a treasure hunt 'round the Cove if ye be lookin' out fer the hints from above. Don't be hornswaggled if yer trail runs cold me hearties, as thar chest be a crimpin' one tryin' ta run a rig, and if ye look fer where X marks the spot ye be findin' yer true loot!
A Captain be nothin' without his crew ta share his booty with, an' if you don't be thinkin' so ye might end up on thar plank end o' the ship! Viva PiƱata: Trouble in Paradise will let ye set up yer own pastoral pirate themed plot, with a host o' crew mates ta call yer own. Recruit some Parrybo's an' Quackberry's ta fill yer shores with Treasure Chests and grounded Galleons they be callin' home, then have yer residents don the Blackeye Patch an' Sailor's Hat from thar sutler in Miss Petulas Paper Pets. Finish your pirate paradise with the Pink Princess-Devil o' the Seven Seas toy and then extend a treasure hunt ta yer gardenin' friends. Take some loot from yer mine and cast it in the sand, then invite yer matey's into your garden with thar shovels in hand. Let them explore yer garden on the high-seas an' dig up yer treasure!

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