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Top 5 Unforgettable Viva Piñata Moments (Piñata Theme Week)

Pastoral plots, selective horticulture, swooning romance dances and prancing Papier-mâché; absolute nonsense to anyone who isn't Horace St. James Golightly of course, but for the avid Piñatathropologists it represents the hours spent tending to digital paradise. What better time to reflect on our own budding efforts in the garden than during Viva Piñata Theme Week, where those lovely folks at Twycross are once again celebrating their titles of yesteryear. Join us as we ready our spades to start digging up the past, unearthing exceptional occasions that caught us by surprise and left us feeling overjoyed, petrified and perhaps even a little bit wistful. Whether you're just getting familiar with Viva Piñata via Rare Replay, or you've had green thumbs since it first blossomed on Xbox 360, this ripe list is sure to bring you back to Piñata Island where you can reap what you sow. These are our Top 5 Unforgettable Viva Piñata Moments! #5. PLANTING THE SEEDS FOR FUTURE RESIDENTIAL ATTRACTION - VIVA PIÑATA (XBOX 360)
If you desire more than a dirt patch filled with Whirlms, you'll need to tailor your garden to appeal to the wild Piñata's that roam about to introduce a little diversity. Some residential requirements are quite easy to sort out, while other more illusive Piñata's will prove to be quite a chore to effectively lure into your domain, convincing it to stick around for a few generations. Whether you've been playing for a few days or a few months, every gardener will have 'that one' notorious Piñata that they've been tracking for ages, spending Chocolate Coins in vain and changing their entire garden just to meet a single requirement to coax them inside. It can be frustrating at times, nothing compares to the feeling of awe and triumph when you finally manage to coax 'that one' into crossing over the threshold and into residency. #4. A SUDDEN SHOWDOWN WITH A RATHER SOUR OUTSIDER - VIVA PIÑATA (XBOX 360)
Sour Piñata. The name alone is enough to dredge up chilling memories of these vile intruders. One instance of care-free bliss you'll be looking after a Fizzlybear you've affectionately named 'Banjo', and the next second you'll be swept up in a dreaded encounter with an encroaching Sour that threatens to ruin the delicate balance of everything you've worked for! What can you do? Sobbing openly works, but it isn't too effective. You could hunt the Sours down with the business end of your shovel, though if you're especially masterful you might even tame the seemingly-incorrigible Sour and turn it into your newest resident! All of the methods are yours to utilize should you face off against a Sour, and if you can survive the encounter will become one of your unforgettable memories as well... #3. EXPLORING ALL FAUCETS OF BREEDING AND MAD SCIENCE - VIVA PIÑATA (XBOX 360)
Variant species can be incredibly enticing in Viva Pinata; with a bit of cheese you can give your Mousemallow a tinge of yellow. Perhaps you've been lucky enough to breed a wild-card Moozipan with a set of horns that sets it apart from the rest. Perhaps you've decided to take science too far and create an eldritch horror by cross-breeding two separate species entirely. Why? You should be asking, "Why not?" Why not have a resident Swanana romance with a Rashberry to create the flying abomination that is a Pigxie? Why not use your shovel to smack the Egg of two Twingersnaps thereby creating the Hydra-like Fourheads? The answer, simply put, is that you'll never be able to forget the Piñata atrocities you've unleashed onto a world that wasn't ready to start screaming. You monster. #2. MASTERING THE REQUIREMENTS FOR A DRAGONACHE - VIVA PIÑATA (XBOX 360)
As the most sought-after Piñata for any gardener, owning a Dragonache is an accomplishment reserved for only the greenest thumbs, and the resulting quest is one that you won't soon forget. Starting things off, you'll need to request Willy Builder's services in constructing a Mine that tunnels underneath your garden at the modest price of 16,500 Chocolate Coins. Next, you'll need to spread your generosity to the Digglerlings as they tour the Mine on your behalf, searching for the Dragonache Egg. If you're exceedingly lucky and manage to find one, you'll need to hatch it with a Cluckles before providing it with a Bottle of Milk, a Snapdragon Flower, and sacrificing a Dragumfly, a Reddhott, and a Salamango. With only one Dragonache per garden, this giant Piñata is definitely worth the effort. #1. A MAMMOTH CANDY-FILLED PIÑATA ACHIEVEMENT - VIVA PIÑATA (XBOX 360)
Viva Piñata is not to be completed in a single sitting - it's an incredibly nuanced, wonderfully complex and brilliantly fun title that requires a lot of personal investment, just like a real garden. It rewards those who set out to tame 'that one' wild Piñata, those who best all of the Sours, those who experiment and those who strive for the best with deserved Achievements. Even if you can manage to master the entire game, earning every accolade and reward along the way, you'll still find there's much to do long after the final Achievement has been unlocked. You'll keep coming back to make your garden better, staring off at all of the progress you've made, all of the residents you've tamed over days, months and years. You can even start a new garden to relive your favorite memories all over again.

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