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Top 5 Rare Mentors That Changed Tutorials Forever

Behind every battle-hardened Rare adventurer lives the teaching of a wise old sage or ancient master that have carried them through trials and tribulations alike. Without this guidance, our heroes would be rendered entirely helpless, wandering about the tutorial stages looking a bit daft instead. The hallowed halls at Twycross are home to quite a number of unforgettable instructors, including Professor T. Bird, Bottles the short-sighted mole and the Wotnot Book, but lost in the pages of history are the mentors with method to their madness, unbridled charm where sanity should dwell and a bizarre attachment to alternative teaching practices. This is for Rare's radicals, the ragtag tutors that taught us everything we needed to know, and in doing so confirmed our deepest fears nuzzled down below the surface... These are the Top 5 Rare Mentors That Changed Tutorials Forever. #5. CONDESCENDING CURMUDGEON CRANKY KONG - DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (SNES)
Hardly developed with the inexperienced in mind, Donkey Kong Country finds itself filled with elaborate bonus areas, hidden annexes and undisclosed secrets that even the self-proclaimed 'masters' of the original Kong quest were hard-pressed to find during their first playthrough. Luckily, players looking for a nudge in the right direction could visit Cranky Kong throughout their adventure, serving as the eldest member of the Donkey Kong crew with a particular disdain for novice players. If they could stand the aging Kong's condescending banter, genuine advice could be garnered, and cryptic clues would be delivered after long-winded rants. We were always taught to respect our elders - usually from our elders to begin with - but if one thing is clear from Cranky Kong's endless diatribe, it's that the favor isn't about to be returned. #4. LEAFOS LEAVES US WITH FALSE LEADS - VIVA PINATA (XBOX 360)
At first glance, Leafos appears to be an indispensable ally in your garden, providing novice players with plethora of tips regarding romance requirements, denizen necessities and more, so long as they can manage to continue pestering her as she wanders about the garden property. But while Leafos's guidance may have served well during the initial restoration tutorial, her advice thereafter is best taken with a grain of salt as she has been known to spread terrible gossip like Taffly fertilizer, and will present it as fact if provoked. After inadvertently teaching aspiring gardeners self-reliance and encouraging them to explore the Island for themselves, Leafos managed to return to her roots in Viva PiƱata: Trouble In Paradise, this time preempting every false rumor with a subtle cough to save observant gardeners unnecessary turmoil. #3. CRIVENS! IT WOULD SEEM THAT THE BUTLER DID IT! - GRABBED BY THE GHOULIES (XBOX)
Locked away inside the labyrinthine Ghoulhaven Hall with the rest of the staff, Crivens the kindly butler spends much of his time dotting after the rather craven Cooper, imparting vital information and direction in the hopes that his boss, the rather mad Baron Von Ghoul will be overthrown once and for all. Crivens even provides Cooper with his very own recipe for Butler's Brew, a concoction that temporarily doubles his health if he's managed to fail a challenge too many times, which ultimately makes it all the more jarring that he would reveal himself to be Baron Von Ghoul all along in a shocking twist. Forced to face off against his mentor, Cooper would have to employ all of Criven's previous teachings in order to raise up and thwart the deranged owner of Ghoulhaven Hall who taught him - it's almost poetic in a way. #2. BIRDY THE SCARECROW - CONKER'S BAD FUR DAY/LIVE & RELOADED (N64/XBOX)
Hardly serving as an effective detractor against the crows in his lonely patch, Birdy soon finds himself in a harrowing position even further from his area of expertise when a certain Red Squirrel introduces himself very early on in Conker's Bad Fur Day, requiring his assistance so that he might find his way home to bed. With both in a bit of a stupor, Birdy shatters the fourth wall entirely with the explanation of Context Sensitive buttons and purchase of the games manual, ensuring that Conker would continue unhindered through the rest of his journey. Kicking things off with an excellent first impression, and providing a taste of the humor to come, Birdy is both the most capable yet completely ill-prepared for whatever fate happens to have in store for him, much like Conker during his eponymous Bad Fur Day experience. #1. YOUR NEW DADDY, THE COACH - KINECT SPORTS RIVALS (XBOX ONE)
It's a little known fact that the names for Team Viper, Eagle Legion and Wolf Clan were devised when the Coach managed to fend himself off against a venomous viper, screeching eagle and rabid wolf simultaneously - entirely false of course, but are you about to tell him you don't believe he would be capable of doing just that? The Coach has seen it all, he's done it all, and now in his own words, he's passing on his skills out of the goodness of his heart to prepare other up-and-coming athletes for the action that's about to 'rock their faces off', as is expected in a competition of this caliber. If you haven't picked one of the three core teams of Kinect Sports Rivals to align with, the Coach will make certain you've got your 'grown-up pants on' before spiriting you away to the team that's just the right fit. Naturally!

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