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Top 5 Most Memorable Battles in Kameo: Elements of Power (Kameo Theme Week)

There are changes in the air, as Rare has decided to focus on their fantastical darling, Kameo: Elements of Power for this Theme Week. Launched alongside sister title, Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360, and gaining a second lease on life via Rare Replay for Xbox One, Kameo has fought for its place in our hearts since its release more than ten years ago. Perhaps it's appropriate then, that we've decided to celebrate this theme week with a closer look at the Elfin's unforgettable bouts with Thorn's Trollish rouges; brutal bits of brawly boisterousness that have left us looking back fondly at our favorite shape-shifting gaunlet. It's time to tuck into some femme fatale fisticuffs, with a fair share of transformation on the side! These are the Top 5 Most Memorable Battles in Kameo: Elements of Power! #5. ILL-FATED RESCUE IN THORN'S CASTLE SIEGE - KAMEO: ELEMENTS OF POWER (XBOX 360)
Starting things off with a rather pronounced bang, Kameo's quest begins as she storms through Thorn's Castle on a royal rescue mission. Imparted with the fabled Elements of Power, with Chilla, Major Ruin and Pummelweed under her dominion, Kameo will need to master their techniques as she faces off against Troll opposition. Scaling the castle's battlements, rattling through unsightly pipes and tunneling undernearth barred gates offers only a taste of things to come, with each Elemental Warrior ready to take on the staggering number of Thorn's forces alone, and in collaboration. While triumph here is shortlived, the inital chaotic tour of Thorn's Castle is as action-packed as it is unforgettable, and serves as an iconic introduction to both Kameo's world, its conflicts and the incredible magic at her side. #4. MOUNTING CONFLICT IN THE BADLANDS - KAMEO: ELEMENTS OF POWER (XBOX 360)
Serving as the last lines of defence against Thorn's advancing reach, the Badlands are host to an eternal struggle between the Elvish forces of the Enchanted Kingdom above and the brutish Troll horde below. The resulting strife is the most impressively populated battleground in Kameo's entire adventure; if the Trolls here are like an ocean battering against the shore, each head could represent a droplet of water - it is awe-inspiring. Fortunately, Kameo won't be tasked with defending against the Trolls here, though she can sweep through the ranks on horseback or on a Raptor mount if she can manage to have it part with its owner. Hitting close to home with an astonishing sense of perspective, the battles of the Badlands offers a glimpse into Kameo's complex nature and astounding sights. #3. THE LOST RUIN CHALLENGES TO BE WON - KAMEO: ELEMENTS OF POWER (XBOX 360)
If Kameo hopes to best Thorn's elite forces and face her sister, Kalus, she'll need to become a calmer chameleon and master the finer points of her Elemental Warriors and their varied abilities. You could do worse than paying a visit to the Lost Ruins beneath the Badlands, where Kameo's Warrior Trainer has devised several challenges to keep the winged adoptee on her toes. Trolls, Beetles, Fire Imps and even Pumpkins will herd into the battlefield with this deathmatch scenario, each introducing a new means of crowd control and Elemental expertise in a strict time limit. The final challenge, 'Elemental Evil' will the test the mettle of all of who attempt to best the variant species of Troll found within - each with a sinister craft only matched by the likes of 'Pumpkin Panic'. Now that is haunting memory. #2. TAKE THE SHADOW FOR SUBSTANCE - KAMEO: ELEMENTS OF POWER (XBOX 360)
In her quest to reclaim and harness the power of the Elemental Warriors, Kameo is tasked to fly away from the bathing light of the Eternal Kingdom and enter a world of shadow and malice. This is taken quite literally when the confrontation against a Shadow Troll takes the Elvish heroine to a land of a burnt sky blotted with flying bats. Hardly one to succumb to the darkness found here, Kameo will seek out the lost Souls and rebound their elemental energies as powerful light - only then will she manage to free the Elemental Warrior that has been imprissoned inside. With the exception of Ash, Chilla and Snare, all of the remaining Warriors will require Kameo to enter the darkness to conquer the shades found within, which render these memories unfading and reoccuring. #1. KALUS & THORN ABOARD THE AIRSHIP- KAMEO: ELEMENTS OF POWER (XBOX 360)
After managing to master the divine techniques of all ten Elemental Warriors to liberate her family, Kameo journey culminates aboard Thorn's Airship, where she will need to contend with her envious sister, Kalus, and restore peace to the Enchanted Kingdom. Joined with the ranks of his elite forces, Thorn will fight Kameo's elemental strategies with his own, and the varient trolls will force Kameo to keep shape-shifting to quell their numbers. As the battle draws to a close and a weakened Thorn falls to his knees, Kalus will cast a spell that restores his stamina and prolong the battle - Kameo will need to transform into Chilla and cast a spear towards her sister before it's too late. With rivalry, revenge and redemption found throughout, Kameo's final battle is the most memorable of all.

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