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Top 5 Awesome Rare Easter Eggs in Kinect Sports Rivals

While much of April has been spent spurring contention over Rare's newly released Kinect Sports Rivals, Easter has also reared its head, forcing players to spend some quality time with their loved ones rather than lending their efforts to Eagle Legion, Wolf Clan or Viper Network - just utter selfishness. In the spirit of the holiday we've neglected our families in favor of scouring Kinect Sports Rivals for Easter Eggs instead, which has only managed us fervent hatred from three or four extended family members. If you're a fan of Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Piñata, Perfect Dark, or Killer Instinct, we've assembled quite an Easter basket of Rare references, taking the liberty of detailing each 'egg' so you can find them yourselves. These are the Top 5 Awesome Rare Easter Eggs in Kinect Sports Rivals! #5. PUT ON SOME RETRO RARE WEAR - BATTLETOADS AND KILLER INSTINCT PRE-ORDER PRIZES!
Gamers that have still yet to complete the dreaded Turbo Tunnel in Battletoads know that weeping into a pillow will muffle their sobs, for the hardened gamers who have mastered it however, they know that timing is everything. Perhaps it's fitting then, that being punctual and leaping at the chance to pre-order Kinect Sports Rivals from GameStop will suit your Champion in some radical Battletoads gear. If you've happened to miss this early T-bird special, you can always jump at the chance to snag a Limited Edition digital copy of Kinect Sports Rivals which touts its own collection of Killer Instinct branded accessories for your Champion. You can try out your newly acquired Toadtastic threads and Killer outfits in your Locker - with your new digs set for each sport, you'll be taking on prospective Rivals with style! #4. SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF - SHARE SOME CLASSIC RARE SCENES
Your Champion is looking stellar, and the competition can't get enough of your distinct look, but what if you want to share your look with the world, you absolute narcissist? Fortunately, you'll find everything you need in the Champion Gallery, which shows off your Champion against an appropriate backdrop when you try on an outfit. The aforementioned Battletoads and Killer Instinct easter eggs get some quality treatment here, as visiting the Champion Gallery with these new additions will award you two-fold. A next-gen rendition of Rash, Pimple and Zitz await in the Battletoads gallery, while Jago's sacred Tiger Lair makes an appearance in the Killer Instinct gallery. As for Perfect Dark's insidious backdrop for dataDyne, well... #3. STRIVE FOR PERFECTION - KINECT SPORTS RIVALS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP INCENTIVE
If you've been keeping up to date with the Kinect Sports Rivals World Championship, you'll know that competition is well underway, with each country in a heated conflict only matched by the Island inhabitants. Naturally if you want to get ahead of the curve, you'll need to strive for absolute perfection in setting new scores across the board, and Joanna Dark is here to help. Signing up for the World Championship through the official site will provide your Champion with a selection of Perfect Dark outfits and appropriately themed backdrop in the Champion Gallery. You'll look your best as you take on the world, climbing to new heights on Starboard Junction, skimming across the leaderboards on Sapphire Circuit and waxing that perfect 300 in Bowling. Remember, there's a reason she wasn't just called 'Adequate Dark'... #2. THE BEST MONEY CAN BUY - GET SUITED UP WITH SOME RARE LOCKER EQUIPMENT
Some choice equipment awaits if you can manage to top the competition, and you'll find everything you'll need in the Kinect Sports Rivals Store. If you're familiar with Rare's previous titles, some items are bound to leap off the shelf. Get shooting with "The Carrington" rifle, named after Daniel Carrington and his eponymous Institute of Perfect Dark fame. Surpass even Institute standards and you'll unlock the "1-Shot", a golden gun that references its parent from GoldenEye: 007 in both description and aesthetics. Serve up something rare in Tennis, and you'll find the "Fudgehog" racket, taken straight from the pastoral plots of Viva Piñata. One final item awaits for Bowling, in the form of a scaly, green ball called "Klungo", named after the chiefly green minion seen serving the witch, Gruntilda, in Banjo-Kazooie. #1. IT'S IN THE CARDS - FAMILIAR RARE ATHLETES SHOWCASE SOME STAR QUALITY
Wolf Clan leader in-training Eve requires some help sorting Vargu on the soccer pitch, but if your eyes start to wander when you hear her plight, you'll catch sight of some interesting trading card profiles on the stadium billboard. Starting things off, the first line-up pairs a Nuts & Bolts-esque rendition of Banjo alongside fighter Jago from Killer Instinct. A quick tease from Zitz takes care of a Battletoads cameo, before the real Kameo steals the spotlight, partnered with Leafos from Kameo: Elements of Power and Viva Piñata respectively. Return from your victory after you've managed to defeat Vargu on the pitch and you'll manage to spot Joanna Dark garbed in her Perfect Dark Zero uniform, high above the action. Where exactly can we get our hands on these Kinect Sports Rivals trading cards, Rare?

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