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Every now and then the staff get together, plonk themselves down in front of a microphone and then jabber on for a while. What we get is random chatter about Rare, video games in general plus anything else that may have grabbed their interest along the way. Sometimes the results are even good enough to publish ...   Admin podcasts: Rareware Archives admin podcast 2 (September 2010): Paul and Luke answer your questions in this second RA admin podcast. Topics include their favourite films, games, food and other such fun and frivolity. Rareware Archives admin podcast 1 (July 2010): Paul and Luke talk about the SM / RA change-over and answer the questions you have submitted. Spiral Mountain admin podcast (June 2008): Paul and Luke answer questions submitted by the members about the site, Banjo and other related topics.   Spiral Mountain Radio (member podcasts): Spiral Mountain Radio, episode 6: October 31st 2009       Spiral Mountain Radio, episode 5: June 20th 2009       Note: Sadly only episodes 5 and 6 are still available.