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About Us

Rare Gamer is your one-stop shop for all things Rare. Whether it is the latest news stories and features, interviews with Rare staff or a full-to-bursting section covering all of their games that includes reviews, walkthroughs and guides ... we’ve got you covered! We have our forums where you can chat to other Rare fans about anything and everything that takes your fancy, and every now and then we run competitions where some cool Rare swag is often up for grabs, so we think it’s fair to say we’ve got something for everyone. It’s not all about Rare though. Our staff are a talented bunch of writers, all with a keen interest in other games available across a multitude of consoles, both current and retro, and we'll occasionally break away from the Rare coverage to bring you reviews and features of non-Rare software. A bit of history for you; way back in 2004 we created a website called Spiral Mountain, a virtual museum for all things Banjo-Kazooie and an active community for B-K fans around the globe. One day we sat down and decided that things had reached a crossroads; we could either continue as we were and slowly see the site die as no new Banjo news was coming any time soon, or we could evolve and reinvigorate the site and its content! So, we expanded the site’s remit to cover all of Rare's games and a name change to Rareware Archives came in May 2010. Whilst we were happy with Rareware Archives, something about it just didn't sit right with us and after a year or so it became apparent that if the site as a whole were to survive then some changes would have to be made. So, here we are with Rare Gamer, a site where the focus isn't solely on the past. A part of us will always look back on the glory days of Rare's work on the Super NES and N64 with fondness, but to do so means missing out on all the games they've been producing for the Xbox 360. The Kinect Sports series, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo and more ... all of them are great games, with more fantastic stuff on the way. We're here to celebrate all of Rare's history and to bring you a website where you can talk about Rare's games and to ask questions without fear of being flamed or being labelled a 'noob'. Some people will only be discovering Rare's great games for the first time and will naturally have questions to ask. This site will allow you to find the answer in a fun and safe environment. Check out the Meet & greet topic in the forums to help you get to know your fellow members. Remember that you can also e-mail us if you have any questions or problems with the site. So, enjoy your visit. We hope you like what we've done here at Rare Gamer and that we become your premier Rare news and information source.