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Retro Rare Challenge Packs come to Kinect Sports Rivals!

Naturally you'll attract the attention of Viper Network, Eagle Legion and Wolf Clan demonstrating your athletic prowess in Kinect Sports Rivals, but if you're keen to impress sponsors beyond the reaches of the island, Rare's latest addition is sure to raise some eyebrows. Pick up the Banjo-Kazooie Challenge Pack, the Blast Corps. Challenge Pack and the Battletoads Challenge Packs for some retro goodness, and the Perfect Dark Challenge Pack alongside the Viva PiƱata Challenge Pack for some contemporary Rare stylings. Check out more with Rare's official briefing here.

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  1. What do these challenge packs actually entail? Sounds like the kind of cool thing I might actually buy the game to play (on sale of course) but I have no clue what Rare-related stuff is supposed to be in them.

  2. Stay tuned, we’ll be uploading the results of each Challenge Pack in due time. Typically each Challenge Pack includes three qualifying ‘sponsor’ opportunities wherein you’ll be asked to do some specific things during the games events. If you complete the easy, medium and hard difficulties, you’ll unlock some bonus theme gear around the retro game in question. In the case of Zitz Blitz, the Battletoads challenge, there are three Wakeracing events that earn you a Battletoads themed wetsuit and a Battletoads Champion background.