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New ‘Rare-style’ Platformer from Playtonic Games

Strap in Rare lovers, if you happen to be a fan of 90's era platformers like Banjo-Kazooie or find yourself obsessively stalking the team that made it, you're in luck twice over today! Playtonic Games, a studio comprised of key veteran ex-Rare staff have just announced their newest title, Project: Ukelele, which seems to take inspiration from their previous exploits. Below is the only promotional image released so far, which seems to showcase a pair of animals in a thick of bush - if we didn't know any better we would reckon that the eyes seem to lean toward some sort of almost-but-not-quite aviary ursine duo that skim close to copyright but never quite dips in:
With the team featuring the talents of a programmer behind Donkey Kong Country, a character artist from Banjo-Kazooie and the artist that brought them all together, Project: Ukelele has its roots firmly in some Rare company. Want to see more? The first glimpse at the spiritual Banjo-successor will be shown off in Edge Magazine to be released February 12th. In the meantime, you can keep yourselves up to date by following the official Playtonic GamesTwitter, liking their Facebook page and signing up for their newsletter through their newfangled website. Color us excited!

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