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Kinect Sports Rivals Sees April Launch; Will You Be A Team Player?

Since its release in November, the Kinect Sports Rivals: Preseason has been preparing players for the wakes around Harbor Trail with monthly challenges and exclusive prizes to be realized in the full retail release of Kinect Sports Rivals - which Rare has just announced today will be released on April 8th, 2014 in North America, Australia and New Zealand, and on April 11th, 2014 in Europe. The entire briefing can be seen here. The more pressing question remaining is where your allegiance will lie when you join the ranks of the Kinect Sports Rivals Champions in April - and thanks to Rare, we've been given a sneak-peek on the inner workings of the Viper Network, Eagle Legion and Wolf Clan respectively:
Blake and Carmen will take you under their wings in Eagle Legion, built on a foundation of honor and sportsmanship you'll soar freely through the ranks and become a Champion on merit and dedication. Island natives, Vargu and Eve will introduce you to the pack in Wolf Clan where you'll soon become familiar with the insatiable thirst for victory that will drive you onward to becoming a Champion on primal instinct alone. Zara and Max are poised to strike in the Viper Network, the newest addition to the Island riding on a corporate sponsorship that fully endorses cunning subversiveness and unsavory tactics to steal the Champion limelight. Which team are you going to side with? Let us know in the polls, you have until April to make your decision!

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