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Following their successful string of WWF Wrestling titles on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy, Rare began to develop their first SNES release outside of the WWF license in 1991. Taking things outside of the ring and into the streets, Wrestlerage would have starred eight playable brawlers, each with a host of pins, grapples and throws to contend with. While the project was more than half-way through its development cycle, the lack of a publisher meant that Rare would offer their SNES debut to the established Battletoads license, and Wrestlerage was knocked out cold.
  • Wrestlerage Rare Retrospective
    Guides Before Battletoads, there was Wrestlerage; on the SNES, at least. This 1991 side-viewed grapple-fest aimed to capitalise on the success of the two NES wrestling titles previously produced by Rare, but also to break away from the restrictive ring-based play of the licensed games by taking the action out into the streets / parks / […]