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Time Lord

At the turn of the 30th century, Earth is visited by a nefarious race of time traveling alien warriors from the planet Drakkon. Engaging in a war that extends space and time, the Drakkons begin to alter the course of history by manipulating several key events, forging alliances in the past and ultimately enslaving the planet in the future. The four Drakkon Lords have descended upon Dead Man's Gulch from the Old West, Castle Harman from Medievel England, The Dona Marie Galleon of the Caribbean and World War II in France - gradually shifting the outcome of present-day Earth! Humanity's last hope rests within Time Lord, an inexperienced but capable adventurer from the year 2999 who must restore the space-time continuum before the dawn of the new millennium! Time Lord Team: Game Design - Art & Graphics - Kevin Bayliss Software - Music & Sound Effects - Quality Assurance - ???: DON, BOB, MAX, KIM, RAY, LIZ, SUE, TOM, SAL