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Super Glove Ball

A routine space mission to repair the Allied Space Agency spy satellite is thrown into peril when a dimensional rift tears through the cosmos, engulfing the Shuttle Commander and trapping him inside a monolithic space labyrinth. Heading the rescue mission personally, your only chance at survival and salvation rest in your robo-repair glove, which can deflect high-energy photons into lethal energy balls that can be used to escape the trenches and reach your stranded Shuttle Commander. Close encounters are inevitable, with alien interlopers found at every turn and interstellar threats in every tech tile room to keep you trapped in the maze. The only means of escape from Nexus Nine is to get to grips with some hands on action in Super Glove Ball - your Commander is depending on it!

Super Glove Ball Team:

Game Design - Mark Betteridge, Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper
Art & Graphics - Tim Stamper, Kevin Bayliss, Trevor Hill
Software - Mark Betteridge, Paul Machacek, Mike Currington
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise, Mark Betteridge
Quality Assurance - Louise Stamper
Sims, Pete, DMLB