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In a world where the streets are no longer safe, criminal activity is rampant and the nation is falling inexorably towards chaos, the last hope resides in Project: NARC to restore peace and order through any means necessary. Agents Max Force and Hit Man are tasked with spearheading the operation to overthrow the criminal druglord Mr. Big and his expansive empire, taking to the streets to face off against all opposition. Arresting gang members and drug traffickers is an option, but in these dire times more reinforcement is often required via heavy artillery fire. With their Porche 911 Turbo Carrera Narcmobile equipped with a Mobile Scanner Unit, Max Force and Hit Man will aim to seize all illegal contraband, salvage all of the munitions and above all else -- get the job done!

NARC Team:

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??? - DT, RET, CTJ, TDJ, CLS