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Effectively a port for the Nintendo Entertainment System based on the arcade title of the same name, Exterminator tasked players with clearing out a series of rooms filled to brim with all manner of pests. While the arcade release was seen through the perspective of the pest control officer and their inexplicably disembodied hands, Rare sought to add another layer of depth and fidelity with the Power Glove peripheral. Unfortunately, wanning sales of both the Power Glove and interest of Exterminator within arcades caused the Nintendo Entertainment System translation to be exterminated.
  • Exterminator Rare Retrospective
    Previews A conversion of the original yet obscure 1990 coin-op of the same name, Rare's Exterminator for the NES saw you playing the part of a pest control officer moving from building to building with the task of clearing out all the insects and other foes (animated toys, possessed household objects, you know, the usual sort […]