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Dinosaur Planet

Heralded as Rare's final release for the Nintendo 64, and showcasing technological prowess for it, Dinosaur Planet was an impressively designed open-world platform game that encouraged exploration as well as close combat with reptilian foes. Lead by heroes Krystal and Sabre, this adventure would have rivaled the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time if it had been released. Dinosaur Planet was eventually re-designed for the Gamecube and after intervention from Nintendo was realized as Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet and later as just Starfox Adventures.
  • Dinosaur Planet Rare Retrospective
    Previews One of Rare's most ambitious projects to date, Dinosaur Planet has now reached its final year of development and we're understandably excited about unveiling it to the world at large. It's a truly epic game following the exploits of two new heroes, Sabre and Krystal, as they find themselves embarking on a journey that will […]
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