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Brute Force

Serving as a precursor for the original Killer Instinct arcade title during its development, Brute Force featured substantial differences including an early roster of classic characters. Staff-wielding Roxy Rave and punchy Mister Fist stood in for Orchid and T.J Combo, whereas Riptor, Spinal and Sabrewulf took up the mantle for fighters Toxin, Argo and Newton. After Rare made several attempts to improve elements of character design, gameplay and aesthetic for Brute Force, it had emerged from development as a new beast altogether, taking on the iconic and revered title of Killer Instinct.
  • Brute Force Rare Retrospective
    Previews Not an abandoned project as such, Brute Force was, for some time, the game we know as Killer Instinct today. The compulsory trademark check is a lengthy and knee-breakingly expensive process which can come relatively late in a project’s life, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary to have to change the original title two […]