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A Nightmare on Elm Street

While death is rather inevitable, we'd rather choose to slip off in our sleep and never wake up opposed to feeling any sort of slow and tortured pain instead. Unfortunately for the residents of Elm Street, their nightmares have become all too real when both scenarios begin to mingle and every day is met with the discovery of another teenager cold and still beneath the sheets. Something sinister is at work during your nightmares, and while a conspiracy has etched out from those trying to quell suspicion, they'll never silence the one who stalks you in your dreams and gives nightmares a name; Freddy Krueger. As one of the four remaining teenagers of an insomniac binge determined to end the nightmares for good, you'll be tasked collecting Freddy's bones found scattered about Elm Street and burning them in the high school furnace before it's too late! Do anything you can to stay awake, and don't let your eyelids get too heavy; if you fall asleep, he will find you!

A Nightmare on Elm Street Team:

Game Design -
Art & Graphics - Kevin Bayliss
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise