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desktop thread (not literally)
I don't actually have desktop icons enabled (I realized I just never use them), so my monitors just cycle between these images with nothing in the way, which is a lot more pleasing when I boot up my computer than a bunch of icons loading at once. I'm also glad Windows 10 can have different images on different screens, that was something that bugged me in previous versions. [Image: d844af5adf091d63d578b973178d96d3.png]
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Finally got around to reinstalling all my essential programs.
Windows 10's start menu is pretty great. It's more than fine at replacing the desktop, since I don't have to worry about my icons getting messed up when the resolution changes, and it doesn't requiring me minimizing everything to access it. I also like having the taskbar on the left side since that's where my mouse likes to hang around a lot anyways, along with all open programs being in an easy column to read, making it easier to scan through and click the one I want to see.
[Image: ccbe4167aed0e1078cf60dec1a5d56cd.png]
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[Image: IOpkHM5.jpg]
i'm not bothering to customize a whole lot since i'm gonna be moving to a new pc in (hopefully) a couple months, and i'd rather not waste the effort, but this is about what the desktop on it will look like there as well. (well, at least on the main monitor)
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and everything i wanna be, is just another silly dream,
you see, but i'll keep dreaming just the same
I should probably get around to watching that show since you have it plastered around everywhere.
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